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Client Testimonials


Ahmadou S.       ★★★★★ Mr Brian Walker helped me to submit and obtain my green with immigration. He's very professional 08/03/2015            organized and helped me to understand the whole process. I give him more than five stars if possible and

                               will recommend him firmly to friends who's in need


Enrique C.           ★★★★★ Brian has been very helpful with our immigration processes and has deliver excellent and fast
07/02/2015            results in all of them. He has also explain to us in detail all aspects of theses processes and had always

                               answered clearly all our questions. I would gladly recommend Brian to anyone seeking a lawyer to efficiently

                               address any immigration process.

Mekobe                ★★★★★ I give Brain A. Walker a five star rating as a pro in immigration law. He played a wonderful role in

12/23/2014             guiding me obtain my green card within a reasonable time. He is calm and diligent. I will recommend him
                                without fear of contradiction at all time.  A Pleasure To Work With



Wendy Y.              ★★★★★Brian Walker worked with me and my husband to process my Green Card (Permanent Residence)
12/08/2014             application last May. We met with him several times over the course of a few months in the time it took for

                                my application to be processed. Brian was great to work, as he kept in touch with us on a regular basis and

                                kept us up to date on the progress of our case. If we had any concerns or questions, they were always

                                answered in a prompt and courteous manner. We would highly recommend his legal services if you are in

                                need of an Immigration Attorney in the Columbus, OH area.



Mina                      ★★★★★  Mr. Brian worked on my immigration case for almost 3 years he was always on time and he is very

11/19/2014             professional lawyer and he always do his best to win the case. Finally he win the case for me and I am a US
                                Citizen now.  I do recommend Mr. Bian for any immigration case. Please trust mr. brian he always tell you

                                the truth.












* The above testimonials are from actual clients for actual matters. It must be recognized, however, that each person’s situation is different.  Nothing stated above should create an unjustified expectation that the same results can be obtained without  reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each person’s case. 

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