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Fiancée Visas - K-1 Visas

Once you have met the person whom you want to bring to the United States to become your husband or wife, we know you want it to happen as simply and as quickly as possible.

We can speed the process by submitting the petition for your fiancée to come to the United States as quickly as we can.

The immigration process can be a confusing and intimidating undertaking for those unfamiliar with the process. If you are not familiar with the laws or procedures, you or your fiancée can unknowingly make mistakes that can result in delays, either short or lengthy.

We assist and advise you and your fiancée through every step of the process, including how to prepare for the interview at the consulate. We focus on meeting the legal requirements to allow your prospective groom or bride to come to America, allowing you to focus on beginning your new lives together.

Obtaining a K1 Visa is often the quickest way to allow your prospective spouse to come to the United States. If they have children under the age of 21, a separate Visa may be obtained to allow their entry to the United States, known as a K2 Visa.

If you have already married a foreign citizen abroad, then their entrance to the US may be sought under a K3 Visa or an Immigrant Visa. Before entering marriage with someone outside of the US, we recommend that you consult an attorney. The process for obtaining a K3 Visa differs in certain respects from that of obtaining a K1 fiance Visa.


After your wedding, an application/petition for their conditional permanent residency (green card) is made. We handle this process as well.

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